Work in progress WIP

Here I am again overloaded with half done dolls all over the place, I remember deciding to complete one before starting up another. I did'nt keep that promise to myself and it's time to renew it! Don't start a new prospect until the old is finished. Wonder for how long I'll keep that! It's so easy to start new project, while working with another, the imagination starts ideas, and I just want to start to see if the idea works out as I thought it would. Sometime I don't feel like finishing a project because it did'nt turn out the way I wanted. Then infact it is a pretty good idea to put it on the shelf for a while, and suddenly I see what's missing, maybe a change of eyes is the only thing that has to be done. What a dilemma, when the world is in chaos.....

25 okt 2016

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