New year, new challanges. 11th of February I will attend an exhibition in Stockholm togheter with Maria Westerberg/Vildhjärta. Our films made by Anders Hanser Production AB, will be shown at his cinema, 4 times during that day. And of course we hope many will come to share that day with us.

First weekend in March it will be FårfestiKil, Sheepfeast in Kil Värmland. I will be there for three days with my dolls. 

A good start of the year!

It's interesting when I stopped chasing for things they came to me.

I don't want't to make this into something, that I have to produce 100 things of the same. I want every doll to be uniqe and fun to make, an adventure. Trial and error, learn more and more....

But there are other things that are as important, to have time with my family and friends. Everything on it's right place and in it's time.... 


8 jan 2016

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