A visit in the forrest

Last monday I visited "Wildheart" or as she is called in Swedish "Vildhjärta" her real name is Maria Westerberg. She lives in the deepest forrests of Värmland. She is a woodcarver and a storyteller. A year ago I got to know about her and fell in love with her amazing art. She makes small and big sculptures from pieces of wood and sticks that she collects from the forrest where she lives. I read about her and decided that I HAVE to make a Storyteller...Maria was such an inspiration to me. Said and done, I took a photo of the doll and sent to her. Last Monday I came to meet the real Storyteller.....a lovely and humble woman that has a lot of respect for both nature and animals. My Storyteller decided she wanted to stay with Maria over the summer.....

18 apr 2015

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